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Working together with FG Tegenlicht, Artillusio, Hardy Mertens, Marieke Russel, Diana Putters, Judith Eberson and many more...

Project "Ik ben Henk"

For the exhibition "Ik ben Henk", there is a promotinal movie made by Louw Houtvast, there is also photo and film edits to be seen by Wim Kootstra. The exhibition was from 30 okt. - 20 nov. 2016, in KC 138, Leyenbroekerweg 138 in Sittard. In the exhibition his poems and paintings were shown, together with photos that I made which showed his inspirational surroundings. His daughter Judith combined his poems together with her own photowork.

Project Liège / Luik

In 10 years time FG Tegenlicht was busy working on the project Liège / Luik, as of 2009 I was actively involved. During the project the concept changed and we started to photograph the city of Luik basically on certain choosen themes. This resulted in a beautiful book and amazing presentation. During our exhibition this presentation was used during the opening and we presented our book. The book is still available on the website of  FG Tegenlicht. The presentation you can see underneath.

Photowall diner Auw Pastorie in Born

As an asignment from owner, Juliëtte Gelissen,  Diner Auw Pastorie in Born I worked together with the members of photocollective Artillusio on the photowall. The concept was "Everything is Holy", we made a selection of photos.  In 2014 the photowall was finished, In combination with showing the wall for the first time to the public there was a smaal selection of photographs in an exhibition in Galerie Marie in Schipperskerk. The wall is still to be seen in the diner -> Adress: Auw Pastorie, Kerkstraat 3, 6121 LA Born (the Netherlands).


















Composition Uaithne

Hardy Mertens composed the musical composition Uaithne, the worldpremiere of Uaithne was in the V&D building. Diana and I made a series about the Irish legend of Uaithne, the harp where the legend is about. You can hear the music underneath.

UaithneHardy Mertens
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