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I am Henk


A project by Judith Eberson and Susan Leurs. When the father of Judith, Henk Eberson (1950) died in dec. 2014 a box was ready for her containing his poems and diary fragments. Furthermore she found in his apartment numerous paintings. Soon after this the plan came to mind to make an exhibition in honour to his personality, his artwork and poems. 


The photographs made by Susan are made in a period  (2011) that Henk wasn't doing too well and he wasn't able to take care of himself anymore. They show his world were his paintings came to live and his poems were put in ink.


Henk was house-poet by the museum "Het Domein" in Sittard , further he was a painter. He exhibited numerous times in Het Domein  and often heald poetic speeches. Together with Felix Stelten he formed the poetic-command. 


Underneath you find a poem from Henk which is about his appartment in Limbrichterveld, After that you will find the photo's I have made there in 2011. 


The promo-film, made by Louw Houtvast with material from Wim Kootstra, you can find it here.

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