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About me...

Susan Leurs (1966), born and raised in Heerlen, currently living in Stein, the Netherlands. 


In 2014 I did a masterclass by photographer John Lambrichts, I made the series 'In the shadow of voices'.

Did a 4 year Masterclass about storytelling photography by Jorgen Polman (Forum Beeldtaal). Still active in Forum Beeldtaal, reflection on eachothers work.

In 2022 I did a masterclass given by Carl de Keyzer, organized by Galery Pennings in Eindhoven.

In 2022 I also did a masterclass by Machiel Botman at the PhotoAcademy Amsterdam.

Maker of autonome projects about social themes.


Member of FG Tegenlicht. I am also an active member of photographical and art-collective Artillusio.


In 2015 I received the  BMK-title for the series "In the shadow of voices". In 2020 I received the BMK-title for the series "Bullying". In 2021 I have won the Lensculture Critics Award and the 2021 Prix de la Photographie de Paris Award (Gold and 2nd place winner).

In 2020 I won the title Honorable Photohrapher (Fotobond Netherlands).

In 2022 I won the 19th Julia Margaret Cameron Award in the category Portrait/social themes.


Publications you can find here.




© Willem Wernsen 2013

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