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View on PGB


Because of chages in healthcare the project "View on PGB" was brought to life in Roermond by client Coachster. A groep of 7 photographers where asked to document one or more clients who have a PGB. This series were given to the Municipality of Roermond so that could have an inside view how these peple buy in healthcare out of the PGB and how they live.


As of Januari 2015 Municipalities will take care of the PGB's and which people are in title to receive them (people who suffer from disabilities , mentally or physically). Some people who have a physical handicap or a mental disability get a budget so they can 'buy' the care they need (this is what is namend Personallu Bound Budget (in dutch PGB)).  


I was able to photograph Christel and Anne (mother en daughter). The series was published in an exhibition in 2014 in the ECI in Roermond (NL).


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