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In 2013  Diana Putters & I were asked to make a series to imagine the story behind the abstract musical composition Uaithne. During the worldpremiere of Uaithne our series was published. The musical compositions Uaithne was composed by Hardy Mertens after an idea by Sanna Severins. 


In the Irish mythology Uaithne (pronounciation "oo-en-ya") is the harp of the Dagda, Highking and leader of the Tuatha De Danann tribe. A rebellion tribe, the Fomorianen, steals Uaithne from the Highking Dagda. To get the harp, Uaithne, back the Dagda and his tribe go after the Fomorianen. In the end the harp is found in a house of the Formorians. This musical interpretation of Uaithne is modern & abstract. It is a dialoog between a reinfoced altflute (Iris van Cleef) and electrical harp (Sanna Severins), with harmony orchestra accompaniment. 


Series was published on the 2nd of June 2013.


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