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Start project:             2016 
Status:                         Ongoing
Exhibitions:                Centre Ceramique, Maastricht, the Netherlands (dec. 2018 - febr. 2019)
                                       Limburgs museum (2018)
                                       Arles, France (4th of July - 18th of July 2021)
                                       Paris, France (26th of October - 31st of October 2021)
                                       FotoNostrum, Barcelona, Spain (20th of April 2023 - 7th of May 2023)
Description:               Series about bullying, analog portraits of people who are victims of bullying or people who are bulliers.
                                       First series 100 people were photographed, series is ongoing. In the first exhibition I have worked                                                     together with 'Stichting Omgaan met Pesten' to be able to educate people how to deal with bullying.                                               The portraits are combined with illustrative photographs, which tell a personal story.
Awards:                       Competition HEIMAT 2018 - Exhibition Limburgs Museum 
                                       Foto Individueel 2019 GOLD (2 x)                  
                                       TIFA Award 2019 - BRONZE (People Portrait)
                                       BMK 2020 - title
                                       BIFA Award 2020
                                       Limburgse Biënnale 2020 - Exhibition Marres, Maastricht NL - (photo Sem)
                                       Foto Individueel 2020 SILVER
                                       Paris Photo 2020 (Collective du Herisson - exhibition Arles, FR) 
                                       Monochrome Photography Awards 2020
                                       LICC 2020 Award 'Best in shoot'
                                       TIFA 2020 Award - BRONZE (People Portrait)
                                       Rabobank Portrait Awards 2020 - Shortlisted
                                       MIFA 2021 Award
                                       Lensculture Critics' Choice 2021
                                       PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2021 (Gold and 2nd place winner)
                                       TIFA 2021 Award - Honorable Mention (People-portraits)
                                       IPA 2021 Award
                                       MIFA 2022 1st prize (People)
                                       MIFA 2022 Gold (People/portrait)
                                       Fotobond Honorabele Fotograaf - title
                                       19th edition of the Julia Margaret Camaron Award 
                                       TIFA 2022 Award - Bronze (Book People)
                                       Black Spider Award 2022 
                                       and others


Impression made by  André Hilkens - Centre Ceramique ,Maastricht - Opening  1st of december 2018.

On the 7th of March 2020 I was able to defend the photobook, I made, during the BMK ballotage in Rotterdam (Photomuseum) with positive result. The jury was unanimous about the series. Thee BMK (Bond Master Klasse) is highest possible award within the dutch Fotobond. For me it was the 2nd BMK title, on the 7th of March I received the 1st BMK title, for the serie 'In the shadow of voices'.
About the 1st exhibition I made a photobook, to get an impression about the 1st series click on the link. The series is ongoing so more portraits and other photographs and stories will follow.
Publicaties, interviews

The project had a lot of media attention, click on the link to get an overview.


The edit of the portraits is done by Karin Claus

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