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In 2016 I started to make a series about bullying, it formed itselve on the way. From the 1st of december 2018 - the 24th of februari 2019 the series was exhibited in Centre Céramique in Maastricht (The Netherlands). Around this theme a whole educational program was set-up for people to take part in. Schools were invited, but also schools apply themselves. 

My intention is to let people think about how we interact with eachother. We call ourselves evolved but somehow we have trouble to let people be who the are and give them the respect they deserve.

As a photographer I made some decisions to be able to tell the stories of the bullied people but also the bulliers. For me it is important to tell the whole story. I choose to take the portrats analog (midformat 6x6) and used a studio-setting to gain the same circumstances in every portrait. 

The participants in this project are from Worldwide. I am still searching for people who want to tell their story with a portrait. I am also looking for new possibilities to exhibite and organize a program around the theme.


This short movie was made by André Hilkens during the opening of the exhibition in  Centre Ceramique (Maastricht) on the 1st. of december 2018.

My dream is to realize a book about this project, containing the stories and the photo's. For this goal I have made a set-up (only in dutch so far) so I can use this book to show to interested parties to exhibite or for contests. The link to the book you can find here.
The series will be exhibited at other place, like a traveling exhibition. Together with the educational program we can make a strong statement against bullying. The first exhibition in Maastricht was a succes, over 8000 people visited the exhibition and several schools attended the educational program. Together we can make a difference!


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